Showcasing wavedancer metalart

Showcasing wavedancer metalart

Visit my work in person!


Visit my work in person!

About Me


My Background

Grew up with the beach as my playground in San Diego, CA, playing mermaid in the tidepools, and exploring  the cliffs and jetties.  At 22 I chose adventure over convention, a gypsy life, traveling the US doing shows selling airbrushed laminated doodles. Eventually marrying a metal sculptor and began working with metal.  We settled in the Sierra foothills and live the dream, 


My Medium

I use mostly aluminum for the abstracts, occasionally some steel , copper and brass.  The colors are mostly acrylic airbrush paints. i alternate layers of grinding with an angle grinder, and airbrushing. then i spray a light coat of sealer on top. Most of the panels come with aluminum frames for hanging. 

Patterns, textures, colors, contrast, and lines of movement.

My Inspiration

Feeling in the flow with the primordial forces of expansion and contraction....